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Fiorentina (T-Bon)

Important cut, this steak is as thick as the space present between one rib and another of the animal. Depending on the size of the veal, the steak will have different weight and thickness. In any case, a steak at least 4 centimeters thick weighs about 800 grams, but it certainly goes up. Our Florentines, thanks to a persistent maturation, guarantee an extraordinary tenderness and an exceptional succulence. It has the shape of a perfect heart, with a not too thick layer of white fat around it and the spine in the middle to draw the T. On the one hand of the bone the fillet, on the other the sirloin.These two cuts are also worked separately: the Fillet the most tender part of the cut completely devoid of grease, the most noble part.The Sirloin or cut, perfect to cook the whole grill, and then cut into strips before serving.

Il “Rifugio di Annibale” offers Cut and Fillets in various combinations: with Porcini, Truffle, Lard, Rocket and Pachino, Balsamic Vinegar, Rosemary.